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The Pate Dawson-Southern Foods Brand

Consider the following questions:

 1.  “How different would your business be if your foodservice salesperson never SOLD you anything?”

 2.  “How much more profitable would you be if you knew your foodservice professional shared your goal for highest quality food and minimum cost?”

 3.  “How much better would your organization run if you knew that foodservice professionals were looking for ways to streamline your operation and maximize your efficiency and success?”



Who We Are:


Pate Dawson-Southern Foods is a 130 year old Family-Owned (5th generation), Independent Foodservice Distribution and Procurement Supplier to a variety of family owned independent and regional chain restaurants throughout the southeast. Pate Dawson-Southern Foods is built on a value-centric business model that focuses on meeting the specific foodservice and business solutions needs of our customer base. The personal relationships developed, and time invested in understanding the intricacies of our foodservice customers has resulted in the implementation of a unique range of services designed to increase our operators business and profitability. The results generated by our efforts have secured Pate Dawson-Southern Foods as a pre-eminent regionally based foodservice solutions provider.



What We Do:


Pate Dawson-Southern Foods is a Specialist in Business Solutions. Our company’s success is a result of our customers’ success. This customer centric relationship forms a partnership alignment of mutually beneficial interests. We seek to assist our customers in improving all aspects of managing their business and retaining profitability. Through our unique relationships we are influential in food and labor cost management, brand awareness and marketing programs, menu analysis and design, service training, recipe and menu item development, kitchen procedures, food safety and controlling operations costs, just to name a few.


Pate Dawson-Southern Foods is also a Pillar in the Community. We Support Local Efforts that stimulate local economies. Local restaurants, local farmers, local manufacturers, and local families are well represented in our business model.



How We Do It:


Pate Dawson-Southern Foods operates within a Culture of Values, as set forth in our Mission, Vision and Values Statements. Decisions are based upon key characteristics such as integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, transparency, and servant leadership.