Some people cook to inspire happiness. Some seek to make memories. Others nurture the community or celebrate nature. Whatever flavor of purpose you have, it inspires a level of care and attention which elevates your food beyond just sustenance. We source ingredients that serve your purpose.

Customized and Specialty Ingredients

If beautiful ingredients thrill you, if you dream about finding new flavors and textures to play with, we share your passion. The thousands of artisanal products we offer are the result of our never-ending pursuit to bring you something new and inspiring. Whether it’s from our Southern Foods cut shops where we hand-cut meats and seafood, our Specialists sourcing small-batch charcuterie, or our Cheesemonger visiting families in faraway villages with small cheese caves to keep a fresh rotation of 300+ specialty cheeses, we either have something that’ll give you your fix, or we’ll go find it.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

So much about food is what you put into it. All the fine details must be cared for to make something fully satisfying. From a farmer who grows and hand-grinds his own grits, to a chocolatier who painstakingly sorts his beans to get the purest result, the attention to detail and love a small-scale producer has for their product is what makes it special. For us, preserving that human connection and that story for the diner is what sourcing locally is all about. We seek out local ingredients in the peak of freshness from people who care as much about them as our customers do.

National Brands

When it comes to the hundreds of other items you use, from produce to dairy to paper goods and cleaning supplies, it’s all about value, convenience and performance. Your work is too busy to devote as much attention to these items as you do those in the spotlight on your plate, so they need to be reliable. That’s why we source from thousands of familiar national brands. And as your partner, we buy for you instead of selling to you. If there’s a brand you love that we don’t have, we’ll get it! All of your needs can be delivered on one truck, meaning less interruptions and more time in your day.