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Promoting Your Restaurant Using Video

Bringing your restaurant to life using video allows potential customers to get to know your business and establish a connection before they even walk in the door.  

Promoting Your Restaurant Using Video

As the digital era takes over, businesses are finding they can leverage their online "platforms" or brands even further with video.

Employee Cell Phones, Customer Service & Your Sanity

Everyone's using cell phones these days including your employees on your time, unless you have an enforced policy prohibiting it. Employee cell phone use can promote unproductive behavior, interfere with customer service and drive you crazy when you see them being used when you're paying them to work.

Eleven Fatal Flaws of Service-Giving

By Jim Sullivan, CEO Copyright Sullivision.com  When plotting their service strategy and delivery, too many operators, managers and trainers focus on what they should “do” for their customer. I think it’s more important to first focus on what not to do. In other words, do you know what you don’t know that you don’t know? 

Study: Consumers still demand value, but it's not all about price

Customizable options, fresh and premium food and portion size all count, too. There’s no denying consumers crave value more than ever, a shift that now seems permanent since the deal-demanding days that began during the recession. But how consumers define value is still being understood, and recent research from Technomic shows value goes well beyond just price.

Consumers Skip Dining for Cars as Sales Slow: EcoPulse

Restaurant sales contracted in June and July, even as spending on other discretionary categories such as automobiles and homes grew, a sign some Americans remain budget conscious.

The Affordable Care Act

Requires employers to provide current employees with notices regarding the new health insurance marketplaces by October 1. 

Leverage Newsletters to Build your Business

by Amy Foxwell in Back-to-Basics Marketing   With everyone getting back to school and buckling back down to work after the long lazy days of summer you may see a slump in your business. But that doesn’t mean you have to just sit back and wait until customers remember you. Use this opportunity to put in place a regular newsletter campaign to get back on your customers’ radar and fill down times.

7 Secrets of Successful Restaurant Managers

Sometimes simple things make the difference. We all know it is very challenging being a restaurant manager. I spent 10 years managing Balthazar and Per Se in NYC, and I have many satisfying memories based on moments where I got involved and made a difference.

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