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Don't Fear the Bluefish

The strong-muscled fish translates into flavor when you cook them. If you like tuna, swordfish and striped bass, you’ll adore bluefish.

As much as 90 percent of Americans could eat food grown within 100 miles of their home

Source:  Roberto A. Ferdman  There are so many mantras of the modern day food movement that keeping track of any one single goal can be a tall task. But no matter whom you ask, there seems to be at least one concern that arises time and time again.

Avian influenza epidemic spurs nationwide rise in egg prices

Consumers nationwide are beginning to see price increases because of the growing avian influenza epidemic, which has caused millions of chickens, turkeys and other birds to die or be euthanized.

Why Good Cheese Doesn't Come Cheap: The Sneaky Multipliers of Cheesemaking

Why, people ask me, is cheese so expensive? And why does local American cheese often cost more than cheese from Europe?

Words to Live By

Q: What’s the difference between advertising and branding? A: I fielded this question during a recent podcast interview for small-business owners. It was surprising to me because advertising is very different from branding, and I’ve always thought everyone understood that. But I realize that people misuse words like these frequently enough that confusion is bound to result.

Blue crabs top North Carolina’s commercial fishing catch

Associated Press - Wednesday, May 21, 2015  

       KILL DEVIL HILLS, N.C. (AP) - A new report shows that 2014 was a banner year for commercial fishing in North Carolina. A report from the Division of Marine Fisheries shows that the 2014 catch was up 23 percent from the previous year.Fishermen sold nearly 62 million pounds of finfish and shellfish last year, worth nearly $94 million. It’s the first increase since 2010.

Cheap bacon is about to be everywhere again

Bacon is having its moment. It's always been popular, but now, driven by reduced cost, innovative concoctions, and the Paleo Diet, its popularity has exploded.

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