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Stay in the conversation to become a transcendent brand

Fuel your restaurant’s success with stories that spark passion among guests and potential customers. Passion fuels conversations that can help your brand become transcendent, says long-time marketing pro John Moore.

On the Brink: The Four Biggest Food Trends of 2015

The chef and restaurant trends you need to know about this year.

With demand outstripping supply, beef prices hit record

Beef prices are cutting meal budgets to the bone, and there's no letup in sight.

With demand outstripping supply, beef prices hit record

Source:Rick Barrett   Beef prices are cutting meal budgets to the bone, and there's no letup in sight.

Top 10 Energy-Saving Tips for the Commercial Kitchen

On average, energy bills represent 30% of a building's annual budget. Recently, energy costs have been increasing at a rate of 6-8% every year, and that rate could go up. The following steps can save you a staggering amount of money and help protect you from rapidly inflating energy costs:

Big data checklist: How to get started

Big data equals big opportunities for your restaurant. But where should you start?  Use this checklist to generate some ideas, then read the NRA’s guide, “Big Data and Restaurants,” for detailed information to create a big data strategy for your operation.

How Can Independents Compete With Big Chains?

Source: Jessie Kwak   When bigger budgets, professional marketing teams, and deeper discounts are the tools corporate chain restaurants have in their toolboxes, how can independent restaurants compete?

The Evolution of Fusion Cuisine

Lately a lot of chains are introducing what are being called “culinary mashups,” in which different dishes from different cuisines are fused together. There’s the nacho burger at Applebee’s, and the cheeseburger burrito at California Tortilla. Culinary experts Nancy Kruse and Bret Thorn discuss this trend.

Restaurant Health Inspections: How to Make the Grade

In the U.S., just about every eating establishment undergoes unscheduled inspections by trained public health officials. People seem to “clean up” when they know “big brother” is watching, and a bad inspection grade from one of these health officials could cost your restaurant thousands of dollars in lost sales.

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