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How craft beer can add value to your restaurant

Craft beer has gone from a niche offering to being practically a necessity, with many consumers expecting to see craft brews on tap. 

An Eye on Safety

Restaurants face a broad range of security challenges on a daily basis. With an ever-changing customer base and high employee turnover, restaurants are especially at risk of theft. As such, video surveillance systems are increasingly relied upon to improve security for customers, employees and business owners alike.

Catering to Your Customers: 15 Restaurant Website Best Practices

A website is a website is a website, except when it's a restaurant's website. There's something extra tricky about restaurant websites - they have to be cool, branded, creative, but also simple and clean. And the best ones capture all relevant information in just a few pages. There's no need for deep websites with tons of clicks and pages. 

The 10-day restaurant makeover

Carefully orchestrated, a quickie renovation can reinvigorate and transform a concept.

The 10-day restaurant makeover

Source: Joshua Zinder and Marlyn Zucosky

5 menu trends and what’s driving them

Recent Technomic research questions whether today’s menu trends are driven by food or drink.

5 menu trends and what’s driving them

Source: Jason Q. Freed Most often, food trends that gather steam across the country pave the way for beverage trends to follow.

Restaurateurs serving up a side order of technology

Source: Karen Robinson-Jacobs Some of the largest casual dining chains are rolling out tabletop tablets that can eliminate some of the pain of dining out. At the same time, they’re looking at upgrades that can allow restaurant technology to work with the consumer’s own smartphone.

When Is It Time to Update Your Restaurant's Menu?

Source: S.P. Armstrong When is it time to change or update your restaurant menu? This is a question often asked by operators. Expenses to the restaurant change with each invoice received, yet the avenue of collecting revenue remains stagnant. One cannot change menu pricing each time there is a cost increase to the restaurant, yet it can’t be ignored. 

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