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Meat Eaters Gulp Record Prices Before U.S. Grilling Peaks

At a time of year when U.S. prices usually are at seasonal lows, meat is rising faster than any other food group, even before the peak in demand for summer grilling. 

Variable menu pricing could be next for restaurants

Changing price by time could be crucial to building demand, NRA exec says at WFF conference. Menu prices that vary at different times of day or on different days of week offer restaurant operators an opportunity to grab new traffic in their restaurants, attendees at the Women’s Foodservice Forum were told this week.

Dessert trends 2014: Sweet, single and ready to please

Almost everyone appreciates a little sweet treat after a meal, whether it is a cookie, fruit or a scoop of ice cream. Even with consumers increasingly making better-for-you food and beverage choices, they are not ready to desert dessert.

Survey: Consumers expect to spend less on dining out in 2014

Nearly 30 percent of American consumers say they intend to spend less on dining out in the year ahead, according to a new survey from business advisory firm AlixPartners.

Survey: Consumers expect to spend less on dining out in 2014

Consumers plan to pull back due to concerns over health, finances, says AlixPartners

Restaurants prepare for changes in credit card technology

The restaurant industry has begun preparing for a big change in credit card technology and policies that will affect retail merchants in October 2015, both in economic terms and in operations.

Restaurants prepare for changes in credit card technology

Shift to EMV payment standard requires major updates to point-of-sale systems

Why restaurants need a strong brand image

Source: Megan Rowe  Restaurants and other small businesses often create a neutral or negative brand perception, one expert says. Small business owners often lack the resources to produce a comprehensive branding plan. But failing to create a compelling brand image can hurt their business in the long run.

Green vegetables to star on spring menus

It’s still winter outside, but spring vegetables will soon appear on restaurant tables. This year, some popular spring vegetables will show up in the center of the plate instead of just as salads or sides.

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