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How latest change in health care bill impacts restaurants

The Obama administration for the second time in a year is giving some employers more time before they must offer health insurance to most of their full-time workers.

No choice cuts on beef prices in 2014

Food costs to steady, but protein is problematic. Even though food costs are expected to stabilize somewhat in 2014, restaurant operators will still face pricing challenges, especially where beef is concerned, industry watchers and commodities experts say.

Connect with your customers: Using Facebook to drive sales

The largest social network, with more than 1.15 billion global users, is Facebook. The behemoth network is only nine years old and attracts users from a wide range of demographics, gender, race and age levels.

Intelligent Menu Engineering

How to Get Started and Where to Focus. Let’s face it; everyone in the restaurant industry is looking for a leg up on the competition and trying to maximize profits.

Majority of Customers Won’t Try a New Menu Item

Restaurant operators invest heavily in promoting new menu items and it turns out that a majority of consumers (about 70 percent) of consumers won't try a new menu item.

Majority of Customers Won’t Try a New Menu Item

Majority of Customers Won’t Try a New Menu Item - 70 percent of survey respondents report ordering items they’ve had before 

Court says Yelp reviewers have no right to anonymity

Online reviewers can’t hide behind a phony screen name anymore. And print critics are coming out of hiding, too. Free-speech advocates are irate about the Virginia appeals court ruling that requires Yelp to reveal the identities of those who post anonymous reviews on its website.

5 Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Instagram, the online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service, has become one of the world’s most popular social media networks within a very short time.

Chicken More Popular Than Beef In U.S. For First Time In 100 Years

America might think of itself as a nation of beef eaters, but for the first time in over a century, Americans are eating more chicken than beef, Priceonomics reports.

10 consumer trends driving restaurant decisions

There is a growing mindfulness of food and beverage choices and a desire to create a lifestyle that balances healthfulness and indulgence in everyday life.

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