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Social Media

  • Restaurant Guide to Social Media

    Your restaurant or bar has a social media presence even if you didn’t create it. Your customers are Tweeting, posting to Facebook, uploading Instagram photos, writing Foursquare Tips and publishing Yelp reviews. And now Google is even predicting how busy your restaurant or bar is at any given time using location data.

  • How to Schedule and Publish Posts to Instagram via Hootsuite

    There’s good news all restaurant operators that love Instagram have been waiting for. You can finally schedule posts! Check out this tutorial by the owly peeps at Hootsuite.

  • 10 steps for restaurants' social media policies

    Social media has evolved into a powerful marketing tool for restaurants. At the same time, restaurants struggle to protect their brands’ image given the speed and reach of social media posts. Well-written policies can help prevent public relations disasters and potential legal liability.

  • Ten steps for restaurants' social media policies

    Social media has evolved into a powerful marketing tool for restaurants. At the same time, restaurants struggle to protect their brands’ image given the speed and reach of social media posts. Well-written policies can help prevent public relations disasters and potential legal liability.

  • Sensible Social Media Checklist for Business v3.0
    If you find yourself stumped at the prospect of using social media marketing to promote your business, our simple guide can help. Follow these easy suggestions to create a consistent social media internet marketing presence on multiple channels.

  • Does Face Time Between Chefs and Diners Lead to Better Food?

    One study by the Harvard Business School says yes. Open kitchens and chef's counters in restaurants happen to be on-trend at the moment, but they may have more than just an aesthetic value: A new study published in the Harvard Business Review reports that chefs make better food when they can physically see their diners.

  • Get Free Training for Facebook Page Admins With Facebook Studio Edge

    Do you want to learn the fundamentals of Facebook pages? Do you need to know more about Facebook ads? Facebook offers free training to help page admins understand everything from business page basics to Facebook ad policies with its Facebook Studio Edge site.

  • The Complete Guide to Growing Your Organic Facebook Reach

    As a Facebook business page owner, every day your posts compete for attention in the News Feed with thousands of other stories. Is it any wonder we need complex algorithms to view only a select number of stories? This mega post by Buffer App will help you better understand how the News Feed works and provide useful ways to reach more of your fans without breaking the bank:

  • Facebook Launches Access To Restaurant Menus Via SinglePlatform

    by Gavin O'Malley  Going up against Google, Yelp, and other local information leaders, Facebook is rolling out easy access to restaurant menus. Using SinglePlatform from online listings service Constant Contact, restaurants can now upload menus and other relevant info directly to their Facebook Pages.


    Source: Jen Smith Social   Wowzers!  Keeping up with Facebook can be a full time job and most of you don’t have time to sift through the web to find everything you need when it comes to Facebook marketing and advertising.

  • Instagram for Restaurants: Tips for Connecting with Your Diners

    By now, you're probably well aware of Instagram, the popular photo app, and its incredibly engaged user community. Even if you haven't used it yourself, you've probably seen your diners pulling out their phones and snapping up tasty photos of your culinary creations to share on the social network.

  • Twelve Social Media Predictions for 2014

    Penny C. Sansevieri  Author and CEO, Marketing Experts, Inc.  The past year saw a lot of changes in social media. Google's social site, Google+, saw huge growth and more activity, LinkedIn really got in the game, and Pinterest continued to pull in more traffic and more sales.

  • Mari Smith shares her secret Facebook marketing tips

    By Lee Odden  TopRank Marketing – When you think of social media, surely Facebook tops most people’s list as the “go to” social network. The demographics may have changed since the early years as a Harvard born startup, but there’s no question that consumers and brands are connecting on Facebook in ways that drive brand awareness and customer engagement.

  • Content Marketing Using Social Media

    "Like" it or not, customers size up your operation before they even walk through the door. You can make a positive impression with a social media presence that communicates who you are and gives customers a reason to "like" you - and keep coming back.

  • Best Days to Post on Facebook by Industry

    When is the best time/day to post on Facebook? It’s a popular question for marketers. Of course you’re going to want to know if there are certain days and times of day where people are more likely to like, comment, or share your Facebook post.

  • 20 Changes Facebook Made in 2012 that Impacted Marketers

    Facebook was all about refinement in 2012. Faced with the question of how to provide high quality, personalized experiences to a growing number of active users, the social network reworked a variety of its products and systems for increased efficiency, revenue and a stronger image.

  • Top 20 Social Media Marketing Articles from 2012

    Have you kept up to date with the most current social media practices? Check out these 20 actionable tips to apply to your business.

  • Facebook's $1 message test opens inboxes to strangers

    For a small number of Facebook users, a buck is now all it takes to get a message into someone's inbox, even if the recipient isn't a friend.

  • 3 Facebook Marketing Tips That Get Results

    Source: Courtney Rubin  Just because you don’t have a Dunkin’ Donuts or Zappos.com-sized marketing budget doesn’t mean you can’t adapt their best Facebook marketing strategies. PostRocket, which helps companies optimize their Facebook campaigns, recently analyzed successful big-business marketing tactics and brand-building that any small business can use.

  • 10 Tips to Get the Most from Facebook's Redesign

    In the most fundamental terms, the Great Facebook Migration of 2012 represents a move by the digital hangout to standardize the look and feel of every Business Page on its network. Essentially, the online community wants every business on its site to be able to express what's happening with its brand right now--as well as the heritage behind that brand--all on a single page.

  • 26 Common Social Media Marketing Terms You Need To Know

    No matter what your business is, there are always terms and acronyms that people throw out in blogs and they expect you to know what they are talking about.

  • Online Promotional Tools for Restaurants

    Today there are tons of different promotional tools that restaurants can use to increase their business. It can be difficult however to tell which ones are best for them. There are a few key tools that can be especially useful for promotions and spreading the word about their restaurants.

  • How restaurants can leverage the new Facebook Timeline

    By Mark Brandau  With Facebook’s recent changes to its brand pages, marketers now have more ways to leverage the thousands of “likes” they have spent the past few years acquiring, according to a new analysis from social-media software and consulting firm Expion.

  • Five Facts to Bank on in 2012

    A new year on the calendar means new hope, new opportunities, new products, new trends and, most important of all, new budgets for many marketers. And while you'll get served your share of predictions for the year ahead, here are five things you can bank on happening in social media.

  • What Independent Operators Should Know About Social Networks

    You know you should listen to your customers and you are aware that social media has been the new way for people to express their opinions about products and services. But what are the platforms available and what are the differences between each one of them? Here is a quick guide for you:

  • 13 Best Practices for Restaurants on Facebook

    by Lauren Drell   Now that Facebook will no longer allow your brand to hide comments from your followers, knowing the right strategies for moderating is paramount. Everyone has to eat, and 700 million of those people are also on Facebook.

  • 6 Common Email Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

    If email seems a little old school to you, you're right. Email turns 40 this year, and it's being outpaced by texting, instant messaging and Facebook messaging. As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pointed out last year, email is too much of a "cognitive load" for younger people.

  • Yelp’s Luther Lowe Discusses Online Review Sites

    Online reviews on websites such as Yelp, whether fair or unfair, affect restaurants’ popularity and bottom line.  SmartBrief asked Luther Lowe, manager of local business outreach for Yelp, how restaurants can take advantage of online reviews.  

  • Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

    While Facebook marketing is on the rise among small businesses, many are still struggling to master the basics.

  • 5 Tasks You Can Do Faster With Social Media

    When talking to small business owners about social media, the argument I hear most often for their lack of involvement is they “don’t have time.” SMB (small/medium business) owners are notoriously busy, known for wearing multiple hats, juggling responsibilities and working long hours. I understand that.

  • Social Media: Tactics to Get the Conversation Started

    Social media can fit with your traditional marketing plans. By using social media tools, you can accurately gauge public opinion -- consumer opinion -- and one of the main strengths of social media is its immediacy.


  • Social Media pays off for Small Businesses

    Want some good news? How’s this: If you’re a small business owner who is investing time in social media, chances are you’re beating out your medium- and large-sized counterparts in benefits. 

  • Facebook Deals Ramps up Promotional Campaign

    With the phenomenal success of Groupon, it seemed inevitable that Facebook would eventually want to grab a share of the daily deals market. After all with over 500 million captive users as an audience, Facebook has the perfect opportunity to cash in big on the deals industry.  

  • Dining Deals: Facebook Fires Back

    Remember when you needed to hire a tech-savvy kid to oversee your restaurants social media marketing? Good news. Facebook now provides an army of tech-savvy kids who will help you market your operation via its new Facebook Deals service. Itll cost you, though.

  • 4 Ways to use Social Tools to Wow your Customers

    We talk a lot about how they are earning consideration from their customers. How they’re delivering on their brand promise. And how they’re anticipating customer needs as they evolve.

  • How to minimize coupon abuse on Twitter and Facebook

    Ever wonder if a food server is printing out extra coupons to turn in for cash at the end of a shift?

  • More Consumers Using Mobile Apps for Restaurants

    The Snapfinger.com app for iPhone allows users to search for restaurants based on proximity, name or food type, and to call up previous orders to modify or send again.