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Business Solutions

Business Solutions – “The Great Equalizer!”
What does this mean? Well, Problems & Solutions come in equal pairs.
You’ve got Restaurant Problems – we’ve got Business Solutions.    
Below is a list of projects Pate Dawson-Southern Foods has completed with many customers over the past several years. We understand each customer has a unique set of challenges. Our team will seek to understand your business and apply our relevant experience and skill to ensure your success and profitability.    
For information on these and any other project or task, contact:
John Paré  (Business Solutions Consultant) at 919-222-3247      

            Business Solutions & Services offered Independent and Multi-Unit Customers:
I.              Food Cost Management:
A.     Customized food cost inventory management systems 
B.     Custom order guides & par level recommendations
C.    Purchasing procedures
D.    “Best” back-of-house practices (recipes, yield measures, portion and waste controls)
E.     Theft prevention measures
II.             Menu Development:
A.     Menu engineering (popularity & profitability of current menu)
B.     Plate costs/margin analysis
C.    Custom layout and design
D.    Strategies to improve menu profitability
E.     Culinary trends 
III.            Marketing & Sales Growth:
A.     Strategic marketing plans
B.     Branding awareness & positioning
C.    Traditional & new age marketing techniques
IV.            Optimizing Labor Costs:
A.     Effective employee schedules
B.     Labor proformas – budgeting labor
C.    Turnover reduction measures
V.             Hiring, Training & Development:
A.     FOH & BOH employee training
C.    Candidate interviewing practices
VI.            Systems Development & Implementation:
A.     Standard restaurant systems implementation
B.     Daily/weekly/monthly sales reporting tools
C.    FOH and BOH checklists
D.    Communications agendas and records
E.     Facilities management
VII.           Financials & Operational Cost Assessment:
A.     Break-even forecasting
B.     P&L line-by-line analysis for savings