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                 We Promote Success…                                                                                                 

Our Values, Vision, & Mission

 Values Statement

 The core values of our Company shape the way our organization operates. These values govern our behavior and decision making. They establish the ideals that may not be compromised; they are foundational to how our Company functions.



Vision Statement

 “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” ~Proverbs 29:18



Mission Statement

We Promote Success




Our Core Values


1.Integrity & Honesty

Integrity and honesty are a reflection of our character. What we say and what we do must reflect honesty and integrity. Integrity means doing what is right even when it costs victory.


We believe there is a right and a wrong. We believe there is an absolute truth and the absolute truth comes from God. This is the foundation from which we make our decisions in this Company.

3.Stewardship & Initiative

Stewardship is making good use of our time, resources, and God-given talents. Initiative means doing the right thing without being told what to do or how to do it. We will be good stewards of every resource in our care. Our efforts and our work will reflect initiative.

4.Whole Person

We value the whole person. We are concerned about an individual’s spiritual development as well as his/her job performance. We treat each individual as part of the PDC family. Our corporate leadership commits decisions to prayer.

5.Servant Leadership

We learn to be leaders by first learning to be servants. As we serve others, we see the true worth of our work and our organization.


The following values are derived from and rest upon the foundation of our Core Values:



We believe change in business is a way of life. We should welcome change in our industry and look forward to it.


Goals can only be attained through commitment. We believe that we should be committed to the following in this order: Our faith, Our family, Our company and its success, Our customers, Each other.

8.Communication & Cooperation

Proper communication and cooperation solves problems and avoids distrust and confusion. We show respect for others. We talk and listen to share ideas, build strengths, and find opportunities to turn differences into consensus.


We believe in controlled and continuous growth for both the individual and the Company. However, growth can only occur when we are doing what is currently required with excellence.


We will be a “learning organization”, ever seeking, ever improving. The future belongs to those that relish learning.

11.Superior Performance

We define superior performance in our organization as delivering customized information, goods, and services with a sense of urgency – where and when they are needed. We will pursue excellence in all we do.


We will foster teamwork and collaboration to find solutions, work effectively together, develop action plans and provide constructive feedback to performance.




Vision Statement

The vision statement looks beyond the here and now. It give us direction, helps us know where we are going.


1.Business Solutions

PDC is not a food distribution company, but a Company that manages business solutions for people.

2.Shared Knowledge

The collective wisdom and knowledge of our people properly communicated to our customers represents our sustainable competitive advantage. Knowledge only becomes valuable when shared. Customer-specific knowledge creates growth.

3.Customer Service Driven

Our Company will be run from the customer back, not from the top down. Our customers will drive the Company. Customer service driven means asking the right questions, anticipating needs, doing the right thing.

4.Relationship Driven

We see relationships with customers as a covenant (a binding agreement). On our side of this covenant, we provide excellent service, market prices, honesty and integrity, consistency, and any service necessary for the customer’s profitability.

5.Technological Advancement

We will creatively use technology for our company to achieve higher levels of profitability; to give our customers knowledge and value; to find new tools to solve problems; to reach our and “touch” our customers.

6.Super Regional

Our goal is to become the most successful independent food services company in the Southeastern United States.

7.Future Growth

Our future growth will be in several distinct areas:

a.Major independent restaurants and non-commercial facilities in the Carolina’s and Virginia.

b.Regional chain restaurants and health care facilities.

c.Cooperative Services for our customers

d.Potential acquisitions

8.Sales Consultants & Logistic Service Specialist

Our sales representatives will become Sales Consultants. They will no longer be involved in the order entry process, this will occur via the internet. They will help our customers become more profitable through consulting. Sales Consultants will manage three times the current average sales volume. Our drivers will become Logistics Service Specialists. They will use technology such as onboard computing. They will become our daily “eyes and ears” in our service areas. They will communicate their observations in real time to our sales consultants and our food solutions specialists.

9.Food Service Specialists

We will develop food solutions specialists to serve our premium customers’ needs. It is our job to communicate our knowledge of products and markets to our customers. We will develop an entire group of “food solutions” specialists to help our customers profit from our knowledge and wisdom.


Our desire is to honor God in all we do. We are not an end unto ourselves, but a part of a larger purpose.




Mission Statement

We Promote Success

For our customers

By providing quality products and value-added

services which build profitability;


For our Employees

By providing a safe and stable work environment that

encourages personal growth and well being;


For our Stockholders

By providing a fair return on equity to all

stockholders including our employees through

our 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan;


For our Industry

By providing active support to industry groups

through employee participation and leadership;


For our Community

By providing resources for and encouraging

participation in civic activities.