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Meat & Seafood

Pate Dawson-Southern Foods stocks an enviable variety of fresh fin fish, shell fish, beef, pork, lamb,  veal...customized cuts, local sources, or the most unique products - we have what you're looking for. 

Say Cheese!

With a comprehensive catalogue of 350 individually selected local, domestic, and international cheeses, Southern Foods is the definitive cheese resource in the Southeast. 

Unfamiliar fish appearing soon on restaurant menus

Diners may soon spot some unfamiliar fish on restaurant menus across North Carolina, such as sheepshead, scup, ribbonfish and grunts.

2014 Distinguished Industry Achievement Award

Malcolm Sullivan, CEO, Pate Dawson Company is named winner of IFMA's Distinguished Industry Achievement Award.

Marketing Strategies

How to leverage holiday traffic to build restaurant loyalty

The holidays, typically a busy time for restaurants, provide an excellent opportunity to promote a loyalty program. As reported earlier this year in Restaurant Hospitality, restaurants have not exactly set the world on fire.

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Best Practices

Restaurants could see strong year in 2015

Lower gas and commodity prices, coupled with high valuations and low debt costs, have generated some optimism for the restaurant industry heading into 2015.

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Health care update: ACA and the restaurant industry

Since the Affordable Care Act was enacted in 2010 it has been a hot topic in the restaurant industry. With nearly 1 million restaurants in the nation, the industry employs millions of Americans, and employers and employees alike are buzzing with questions about how the ACA affects them.

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Social Media

Does Face Time Between Chefs and Diners Lead to Better Food?

One study by the Harvard Business School says yes. Open kitchens and chef's counters in restaurants happen to be on-trend at the moment, but they may have more than just an aesthetic value: A new study published in the Harvard Business Review reports that chefs make better food when they can physically see their diners.

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Foodservice News & Trends

Technomic’s Take: 2015 Food Trends

The restaurant industry is evolving faster than ever, according to leading food research and consulting firm Technomic. Technology, consumer and menu trends are all revolutionizing foodservice. Technomic lays out 10 trends that its consultants and experts believe may be transformative in 2015.

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The Bottom Line

More 2015 restaurant trends

Three megatrends rise to the top of the 11 hottest food and beverage trends to come out of Baum+Whiteman’s think tank: how technology is reshaping restaurants, how chefs and manufacturers are finding new ways to combine basic flavors and, thanks to the first two developments, how authenticity is becoming a nonstarter.

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Business Innovation & Ideas

The New Sounds of Music in Restaurants

Enabled by technology and led by a younger generation of restaurateurs and patrons, music in restaurants has evolved from being barely noticeable to becoming an integral part of the experience – both a statement about a restaurant’s personality and part of the energy that many desire.

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