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Top 10 Restaurant Management Tips

Good managers do not appear overnight, and sometimes restaurant managers need instruction and practice in order to effectively run the business.

Pricing food – Why you’re doing it wrong and how to fix it

One thing I’ll never forgive formal culinary schools for, is teaching new impressionable would-be chefs to use a budgeted cost percentage to price food menus.

Making your mark through menu design

One driving factor of a restaurant’s success is so obvious that it’s sometimes overlooked: the menu.

On the Brink: The Four Biggest Food Trends of 2015

The chef and restaurant trends you need to know about this year.

Marketing Strategies

Stay in the conversation to become a transcendent brand

Fuel your restaurant’s success with stories that spark passion among guests and potential customers. Passion fuels conversations that can help your brand become transcendent, says long-time marketing pro John Moore.

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Best Practices

To buy, or not to buy?

With labor costs rising, now is a good time to reexamine your kitchen workload and decide which items to make from scratch and which to purchase prepared. A thorough “make-or-buy analysis” can cut costs while ensuring quality. Here are five questions to consider before implementing any changes:

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How to hook top talent

Reel in good talent from the labor pool with these steps: Identify what’s a “good catch.” Start by determining what skills and traits are essential. If your restaurant has a set of core values or a mission statement, use that to guide you.

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Social Media

Ten steps for restaurants' social media policies

Social media has evolved into a powerful marketing tool for restaurants. At the same time, restaurants struggle to protect their brands’ image given the speed and reach of social media posts. Well-written policies can help prevent public relations disasters and potential legal liability.

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Foodservice News & Trends

Restaurateurs take to Capitol Hill

April 20, 2015  The most important two days of the year for restaurant advocates kicked off last Tuesday as hundreds of restaurant professionals arrived in Washington D.C. to engage lawmakers on a range of critical issues that affect how restaurants do business.  They’re coming to the nation’s capital at a time when many restaurateurs are feeling squeezed by unprecedented federal regulatory overreach on labor issues, and struggling with the costs and complexities of implementing the health care law. Both of those will top the agenda of many of the hundreds of meetings with members of Congress scheduled for Wednesday.

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The Bottom Line

How to Control Labor Costs

Operating a restaurant involves many types of expenses. Essentially, you incur labor costs when you have employees working for you. Labor is usually the highest operational expense in just about any restaurant. To operate a profitable restaurant, careful labor management must take place.

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Business Innovation & Ideas

10 email tips for restaurants

Email is one of the most effective ways restaurants can build relationships with customers, increase sales and get the most bang for their marketing bucks. In fact, roughly one-half of fine dining operators are planning to invest more in email and text message marketing in 2015. Here are ten pointers to ensure you make the most of your messages:

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