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Driven by purpose.

We care about more than just delivering boxes like you care about more than just filling stomachs. The most important thing about our work is the purpose behind it. For us, that purpose is to impact people’s lives for good. The beautiful thing is, the food business provides many opportunities for us to practice this, starting with serving you.

Our Story

Your advocate.

When your interests are creating good food, making people happy, and growing your business, you shouldn’t have to protect them against the interests of your supplier. To us, serving your interests together is not only right, but more mutually beneficial. To do this, we learn who you are (your business), and where you’re going (your vision and goals). Then we can provide the right resources to help you get there.

Our Philosophy

Ingredients with integrity.

Good food starts with good ingredients. So we source for flavor and quality, hand-cut meat and seafood to your standards, and partner with local producers. But the ingredients are just half of the equation. For us, good ingredients start with good people. So we’ve built a team that is experienced in food, committed to integrity, and dedicated to understand your business enough to offer you only what is most relevant and useful.

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  • “Without them, I’m not sure where we would be today. We don’t have a sales force, marketing team, or distribution. They take care of that for us which allows us to focus on what we do best, growing oysters.”

    Kolby Martin, Co-Owner of Jarret Bay Oyster Co.
  • “When it comes to our relationship with Pate Dawson- Southern Foods it has been amazing how much it's changed us and made us better. I think a lot of our success is who we work with.”

    Mindy Fitzpatrick, Owner & Operator of The Friendly Market
  • “For me as a chef, when you don’t have to question quality or you have a partnership with a company, what else can you ask for?”

    Steven Greene, Executive Chef of The Umstead Hotel & Spa
  • "I've come to recognize that ‘sustainability’ refers not only to thoughtful animal husbandry, but to the relationships that are formed between farmer, distributor, chef and customer. PD-SF recognizes the need for trust, faith and good will throughout the food chain. I feel very lucky to have them as a partner."

    Sam Suchoff, Owner & Operator of The Pig and Lady Edison Pork


We love where and who we serve. With the abundance of products and food traditions grown in the Southeast, our corner of the culinary world has an identity all its own. Tailoring our business to the unique tastes of this special place is our passion.


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