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Taking Steps to Follow Our Passion for Serving You Better

Pate Dawson-Southern Foods will be exiting the Bojangles' relationship in 2016 to focus on Independent and Multi-Unit Restaurateurs of the Southeast.

Marketing Strategies

Rethinking Your Restaurant's Brand Strategy?

When you hear the word "brand," what do you think it means? Logos? Taglines? Marketing tactics? Advertising? Sure, these all play a part in branding. But, in fact, branding is much more than just these items. I like to say branding is what people think, feel and expect whenever they interact with your company.

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Best Practices

Create Culture that Rocks

Forge a fan boy-like following through service that rocks your guests’ worlds. Your culture should create an almost obsessive need for diners to return to your establishment and consume your products, says Jim Knight, People Forward managing partner.

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How to Get an 'A' Game from Your 'A' Team

Great team members are really brand ambassadors for your restaurant. Their personalities combined with effective training can actually build your business. But not all employees are created equal. If your restaurant is anything like most, at any given moment you have some great team players, some average and at least one or more you'd like to replace. 

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Social Media

How to Schedule and Publish Posts to Instagram via Hootsuite

There’s good news all restaurant operators that love Instagram have been waiting for. You can finally schedule posts! Check out this tutorial by the owly peeps at Hootsuite.

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Foodservice News & Trends

The New Way Restaurants Do Business

The restaurant menu is the newest thing to "go digital" and it's no surprise, living in the modern information age that drives current trends. iPads are changing how fine-dining establishments operate their businesses.

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The Bottom Line

10 Tips to Increase Restaurant Traffic

Everyone wants to boost sales, and make no mistake that discounts and value meals are still a popular way of doing it. But putting your food on deal isn't appropriate for every kind of concept, and it's not even necessarily a good idea for your brand. Here are other ideas for getting more people in the door. 

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Business Innovation & Ideas

Let's Not Make a Deal

The recession brought about many changes to the foodservice industry, including the unavoidable demand for a deal. As traffic declined and operators struggled to keep their doors open, many turned to dealing as a way to fight for market share and promote value to the price-conscious patron. But times are changing, and the economy is steadily improving, which gives operators the chance to appeal to their patrons with differentiating benefits and not deals.

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