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Are Smartphones Ruining the Restaurant Experience?

Your smartphone is the scourge of restaurants. Customers snapping photos of food and dawdling on Facebook at meals have slowed down table service by an hour over the last 10 years.

Stealth belt tightening: Cuts guests won’t notice

A focus on strategies and procedures that save money yet are transparent to customers can be critical to a restaurant’s longevity.

Strategies for handling employee theft

Employee theft can come in many different forms: stealing money, supplies, recipes, food and beverages.

Budgets, food costs taking toll on independents

A long-term decline in traffic at independent restaurants is attributed to smaller marketing budgets and rising food costs.

Marketing Strategies

5 tips to raise your profile via social media

It's no secret that social media has become a driving force in marketing. For restaurants, social media is proving its worth as a customer engagement tool, enabling them to develop a local identity.

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Best Practices

4 ways to obtain useful guest feedback

Making it easy for customers to comment on their dining experience can pave the way to improvements. You have everything set in place to run a successful restaurant, and you think your customers are happy—but you wonder whether they are truly having a satisfactory experience in your restaurant. Is your food up to par? Is the ambience what they are looking for? Are you delivering orders in a timely fashion?

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Better guest engagement boosts repeat visits

Guests who make a personal connection with an employee are more likely to return and recommend that restaurant to a friend, research shows. Even if you don’t work at Cheers, you should still get to know your customers by name.Restaurant employees who make a personal connection with guests have the largest impact and lead to stronger feedback scores and recommendations, according to multiple recent studies.

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Social Media

Get Free Training for Facebook Page Admins With Facebook Studio Edge

Do you want to learn the fundamentals of Facebook pages? Do you need to know more about Facebook ads? Facebook offers free training to help page admins understand everything from business page basics to Facebook ad policies with its Facebook Studio Edge site.

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Foodservice News & Trends

Old-School Pitmasters Tell Us How The BBQ Industry Has Changed

Few food cultures are as rooted in tradition as barbecue. Yet, for every third-generation pitmaster following in the smoke-filled footsteps of his Grandfather, there's a legion of young whippersnappers turning the barbecue world upside down.

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The Bottom Line

13 Tips to Better Manage Your Restaurant

A successful restaurant starts with its leadership. As a restaurant owner or manager, you need to be constantly giving thought to how you can better manage your restaurant. Here are 13 tips to make sure that your restaurant's management is in top shape.

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Business Innovation & Ideas

Restaurants shrink menus, focus efforts

The restaurant industry's Next Big Thing is shrinking the menus. For years, most major restaurant chains have been expanding their menus at a breathless pace in response to intense competition and consumer demand for more choices. But now, some chains are doing the unthinkable: cutting the number of menu items.

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